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Team building is for companies with a vision who embrace and acknowledge the long term effect of investing in the team. Of course, that is said by us, a leading team building company in Singapore. So we are not completely objective in this case. But nevertheless, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist that to understand that having fun with your team is part of the general success.

We celebrate our 5-year anniversary as a team building company in Singapore this year! What started with our flagship workshops involving “movie making” evolved in a wide range of workshops and activities for every organization. We are happy and proud to say that we had hundreds of happy customers so far and we hope to welcome many more in the future with a team building day in Singapore never to forget.

What is our current offering in team building activities?

  • Make a TV Ad
  • Make a Movie Trailer
  • The Hunted Game tablet game
  • Escape the City tablet game
  • Singapore Heritage Tablet game
  • Serious Lego play
  • Game time (20+ games in one afternoon)
  • Singapore Singing Challenge (tablet game with karaoke)
  • Survival Day: build rafts, climb ropes and more.
  • Cooking workshops

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