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Team game play

Game time! We have set up multiple team games to test how well do you cooperate? This is fun and it really test your team's ability to work together and improvise.

Budget teambuilding activity for groups 20-500. Discover the city of Singapore or another ASEAN city.  [read more]

Food is the basis of our existence and therefore ultimate teambonding. Check our programs.  [read more]

Learn and experience how inventive and fast everybody of your group is.... exiting!  [read more]

Make a movie or a TV Ad in just a few hours! Directing, acting, filming and who wins the Oscar? [read more]

Several options and packages In Batam and Bintan. [read more]

Who would have guessed that Lego is still a lot of fun. Let us surprise you with this great event.  [read more]

DJ workshop

Now everybody can be a star. In this teambuilding activity you learn to mix, scratch and turn it up!. [read more]


“Innovative, great team bonding & exciting. One great avenue for team building Singapore! Create your own film and share it immediately. Want to do something else with your team? Success guaranteed” 


Linda Lee


Home Appliances


Great fun and different way for team building activities in Singapore! Discover talents you never thought colleagues had! Loved working with Emile of TVworkshop. He organized our event into perfection”.


Arlene Manalo

Shell Petroleum


Teambuilding is essential for every team to stay effective. This time we wanted to do something out of the ordinary. First we made a movie and then we cooked our own dinner!


Allison Fry

Columbia Sportswear

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The 7 core components of highly effective teams:

Team Identity


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Stress Tolerance

Conflict Resolution

Positive Mood

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