Company retreat in Johor
As you already know, everything is cheaper in JB. Also the team building activities and hotel accommodation. However, if you want the lowest price for your complete event you came to the right place. A complete company retreat booked by us means saving costs. Some vendors can offer you team bonding activities for a fair price but then you also have to organize transport, ticketing, hotel reservations, entertainment, etc... Let us take over and enjoy your company retreat in Johor.
Jakarta Outbound Games

Success Teambuilding Singapore also provides your outbound team building games in Jakarta, or outside Jakarta.

For several clients, we are the trusted partner to organize team bonding games and hotel group bookings and of course the overall event management. For sales meetings, product launches or business incentives with staff, we are at your side. In and around Jakarta we have the lowest hotel rates for group bookings. Especially if you are looking for a complete event with a venue rental, dinner, transport and more. Although you can find hotel rates on what you don't see is the prices for transport, dinner, venue rental and of course the team building activities and additional entertainment. All team building games we offer on our site we can deliver in Jakarta. Think about our Tablet games with augmented reality and VR. Or our film team building program with Iphone 11 Pro. Surprise your team the right way. We also have experience in finding not so common venues for your outbound event. Here is a small selection. Get in touch for more details. Take a look at our clients & review section to see our satisfied customer base.
Bintan outbound overseas retreat

Bintan outbound overseas retreat

One hour ferry ride away from Singapore is the beautiful island of Bintan. The perfect getaway destination for your next outbound overseas retreat. Your company will experience the highest standard of luxury and comfort for a very affordable price on the island of Bintan. Just like on Batam we also have exclusive deals for large groups in Bintan. The Sanchaya, or The Grand Lagoi to name a few. For every budget, we offer a solution for your company overseas retreat on Bintan. There are many accommodations available for overseas retreats for large groups. But STS offers more than the best group prices on hotel rooms. We offer you the complete package. Our team awaits you at the ferry terminal in Singapore to accompany your group to ferry and from the port in Bintan to your hotel. Do you have to fly in staff? No problem, we have an airport pickup service as well. Together we create the complete package with several lunch and dinner options and of course the team building activities that we offer in Bintan. What team building activities we offer on Bintan? Movie workshops Tablet games (within the resort perimeter) Beach sport games Island tours And more.. Interested what we can offer you? Get in touch for a quotation. Click here.  
Batam outbound incentives

Batam is the perfect and cost effective outbound getaway for smart companies who have high standards and tight budgets.

STS (Success teambuilding Singapore) has many years of experience organizing incentives and outbound overseas retreats to Batam. On top of that, we guarantee the best prices for your hotel needs. If it's the Radisson Golf and Resort or the famous KTM resort or one of the other hotels and resorts on Batam where we have exclusive deals with, we have you covered. Feel free to compare prices of course. Also on Batam we have a wide range of team building activities and team building games we can offer you, Think of our Movie Workshops and Tablet games. We can even customize the tablet game on your company and make it extra fun to play. One of our latest new team building activities we can offer you on Batam is the Chain Reaction workshop. With all kinds of materials, your group has to design and build a real chain reaction like a domino effect. This team bonding workshop is perfect training for your staff to learn to work together better.  Ask us for advice. The Batam incentive or overseas retreat in combination with team building activities will be a getaway that won't be forgotten by your staff. Our team is ready at your service. Our incentives services on Batam can be organized from Singapore but also from KL, Jakarta or other regions in SEA. We have a ferry and airport service for your comfort. Interested? Ask us for a quote here.  
Team building Singapore
Team building is for companies with a vision who embrace and acknowledge the long term effect of investing in the team. Of course, that is said by us, a leading team building company in Singapore. So we are not completely objective in this case. But nevertheless, you don't have to be a rocket scientist that to understand that having fun with your team is part of the general success. We celebrate our 5-year anniversary as a team building company in Singapore this year! What started with our flagship workshops involving "movie making" evolved in a wide range of workshops and activities for every organization. We are happy and proud to say that we had hundreds of happy customers so far and we hope to welcome many more in the future with a team building day in Singapore never to forget. What is our current offering in team building activities? Make a TV Ad Make a Movie Trailer The Hunted Game tablet game Escape the City tablet game Singapore Heritage Tablet game Serious Lego play Game time (20+ games in one afternoon) Singapore Singing Challenge (tablet game with karaoke) Survival Day: build rafts, climb ropes and more. Cooking workshops Interested? Get in touch here.
Singapore Team Race
The Singapore Team Race is an amazing race through downtown Singapore with your team during your next Team building event. In small teams of 7 persons, we set off from the starting point. Every team has to cooperate together to fulfil the assignment that every location brings. With our custom made Ipad App you will experience Singapore as never before. Solve riddles about Singapore's history but we also integrate custom riddles we create about your organization. But that's not all because there are a photo and video assignment as well as some physical tests. This will be the ultimate team bonding event you have ever done in Singapore. Request info >>   Our app triggers competitions as every team can see how much points the other teams have. And that's just one of the many features. For who? For teams who like to challenge each other in a fun but new way. For teams who like to explore and learn new facts about Singapore For teams who want to experience our high-end product level.